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yeah mr oizo

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flat eric de mr.oizo

Mr Oizo AKA Quentin Dupieux – talented filmmaker

vacant net glory

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schalplatten motel


Georges Méliès

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melies snap shot

    Le Voyage dans la Lune (1902) – Georges Méliès von HistoireMotion

Marina Abramović

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marina abramovic manifesto

The Artist is Present (2012)   can’t stop posting > her you find the performances with Ulay (until 1988)

Ed Wood – Horrorific Goodness

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Kreuzberg painting

Die haalassenheit der Dingen

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einfach abgefahren

SK aka Super Komitee

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Gerorges presents Super Komitee

Still presenting the new Super Komitee videos with performing our excellence Smirk >

Super Komitee Kino

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superkomitee berlinland show

    We are glad to present the brand new Super Komitee diaporama. > Super Kino

Good morning

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Super Komitee at 03.03.2012

03.03.2012 from noikita on Vimeo. featuring our Excellence Smirk Masks, Miss Germany, Spiderman

Kevin Rumley

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Movimiento Kamera